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ophelia by nivi, 2012


she walks softly

cus she carries a big gun

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Facebook took over
ophelia by nivi, 2012
so i lost access to my old email. and livejournal... forgot that password. but thankfully i'm back to my old haunts. i prefer livejournal to facebook because i can search old entries by year. wonderful.

damnportalnders will hopefully come back to life. maybe no mean people left... we shall see. they even bullied me for being Christian. what ... oh well.

here's to creating a new community.. i'll be searching.

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Mein gott! Yes, I'm still kicking around here. I'm not as active as I once was, older, grayer, and perhaps a bit more cranky than before, but I still post from time to time. Meaning, it's probably time to post again.

Zon! so great to hear from you. i look forward to reconnecting. you were always one of those people i looked forward to hearing from again. :)


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